Candidate Messaging

Fire off rich-text email & SMS messages to candidates right from their profile or from your favorite email client.
Nextal keeps all your conversations up-to-date and available to your hiring team, so anyone can get up to speed at a moment’s notice with a peek through the candidate’s profile.
Read-receipts let you know when your candidate has read your last emails, so you can plan accordingly.

Automated & Bulk Communication

Create email & SMS templates and questionnaires that fit your brand and tone, then personalize them with all the details you’d expect from actual, human communication.
Nextal will send your templated emails & SMS messages – individually or in bulk – automatically as you (or your teammates!) move candidates through your pipeline.

Personalize and tailor your outreach.

Nurture candidate relationships at every stage of the recruitment funnel, and throughout every step of the candidates journey, without ever lifting a finger.

Save candidate preference

Before the interview process starts, ask candidates how they would like to be communicated with. Specifically, are they ok with updates and other info via text. You could even include a form in your job applications allowing candidates to select their prefered communication method.