See your sent history without leaving your email

Don’t have to waste time switching back and forth between programs. Email Synchronisation is a simple feature that significantly streamlines your customer communications.

  • Send and receive company emails within Nextal and eliminate the need to switch between tools.
  • Automatically log email conversations into each candidate communication history.
  • Integrate your with the email clients and services your team already uses, including Microsoft Exchange/Outlook, Office 365, Google’s G Suite.
  • Replicate calendar events to your email client to reduce data entry, save time, and stay on top of important meetings and opportunities.

Full integration with your email client

It’s important to keep the team up to speed with candidate communication. Nextal 2-way email sync means that whether you email a candidate from inside the platform, or your own email account (Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo and more), the communication is tracked on the candidate timeline.

There’s no need to forward emails, or switch between applications just to reply to a candidate or mark an email as read. Work in the application that suits you best.

Use the application that work best for you

Because context switching has a high price and it is mentally draining, we should avoid it at all costs. This is why our application let you use the application that you want all the time if you are in your Gmail or Outlook and you need to send an email to a candidate just do it, our application will take care of the rest.

Bulk emails

Use customizable email templates to speed up routine communication. Placeholder text is updated automatically with details like name and job title to give every email a personal touch.