Applicant tracking systems eliminate your resume from the online job application

Nextal is a collaborative recruiting platform that helps companies and agencies hire the best candidates faster and smarter. It makes each step in the hiring process simple, intuitive, and effective, resulting in efficient recruiters and satisfied hiring managers.

Nextal is designed to be used by anyone involved in the hiring process. It allows you to engage recruiters, hiring managers, candidates, executives, and interviewers to work collaboratively towards one common goal.

Whether you are a small company, a large company, or a hiring agency, Nextal helps you to track candidates all the way from job posting to hiring. It cuts off the time taken to track, identify and find the quality candidate the hiring managers need

  • 01How to speak robot

    It’s not all doom and gloom. There are ways to boost the chances of ATS giving your CV a high ranking.
    The better your score, the more likely it is to go to a real human being, who might call you for interview. The main thing to know is that ATS acts like a specialised search engine. That means you have to write in an ATS-friendly way – it’s a bit like Search Engine Optimisation for CVs.

  • 01Only about five applicants actually earn an interview from hundreds of applications

    Landing the right job is a numbers game — the more resumes you send out, the more likely you are to get a callback. An extremely small percentage of those who apply for a job are actually called in for an interview, so by applying to more jobs, you increase your chances.
    Make sure the jobs you apply to are a fit, of course. Don’t apply to jobs just to raise your numbers. Interviewing for a job that you aren’t interested in will just waste the employer’s time and yours.