Our Approach with Retail

Nextal works with retail businesses to empower managers to make better decisions and build quality teams. All multi-location retail companies depend on consistent products and services to build a positive brand. However, they don’t always rely on a homogeneous hiring process. Store managers often lack the resources to effectively recruit; after all, hiring is usually a secondary responsibility to managing a store. It ends up with a high employee turnover.

  • Attract, evaluate, hire and onboard quality customer service team members
  • Make hires that will stick around and become brand carriers
  • Design a hiring process to consistently hire superstar

Our user-friendly applicant tracking system enables retail companies to design a consistent hiring process that fits their needs. Having the right people on your team improves customer experience and positively influences your company’s brand. And with the hiring process made easier, retail managers can spend less time on recruiting while reducing employee turnover and increasing performance.

  • 01All your brands in a single place

    Have only one application to manage all your brands. This application has been build with the retail management in mind.
    In some case you want to have a specific career portal, a different image, and different job posting template or even a different recruiting process per brand. Our tool has made this simple for you.
    You can setup different configuration for each of your brands, while having congregate in reports and dashboard.

  • 01Dedicated Portals for Store Managers

    Store managers often lack the resources to effectively recruit; after all, hiring is usually a secondary responsibility to managing a store.

    This is why it is important to have a platform that will help them do the entire recruitment task as simply as possible. Thanks to our user-friendly interface, with our on-boarding tools and our online chat we are able to help them.

    Publishing a job is as simple as 3 clicks. It is easy for them and it ensures that the high turn over is managed easily.

  • 01In-store application management

    A lot of candidates want to apply directly at the store. In order to be able to manage those applicants, we have a capability to accept applications via text messaging.
    Store managers will only have to provide to the candidate a phone number that they can text with their store id.
    Then they will apply throw their phone to our platform to the specific store.

  • 01Find your blind spot

    With Nextal you get complete recruitment analytics built in. You can create dashboards that measure and monitor, in real-time, every aspect of your hiring process.
    Did you know that only 32% of recruiters in the retail sector regular monitor and measure the effectiveness of their sourcing channels. Yet consistently, those who have an active metrics and analytics program consistently report greater quality of the candidates they attract.