Actionable Insights

Gain complete visibility and insight into your recruitment process. Nextal includes comprehensive reporting tools enabling you to pull data in real time. Open position reports, time-to-hire, time-to-fill, traffic trending and  candidate sourcing are just some of the built-in reports provided in Nextal. Benefit from extensive metrics reporting which help identify trends, highlight the successful parts of your process, and identifying potential issues and bottlenecks, all helping to align recruitment activities with your organizations overall strategic goals.

A comprehensive suite of reports

Nextal reporting tool is stocked with data-rich, real-time reports that can be filtered to suit your business needs. Nextal has the best reporting capabilities of any ATS out there; it allows you to focus on your strategy and base your decisions on facts.

  • Real-time analytics
  • Accurate source reporting (ROI), so you can see which channels to invest in
  • Measure agency, recruiter, hiring manager and job board effectiveness
  • Time to hire reporting – you define when the clock starts and stops

Meaningful data at the click of a button

Our state of the art reporting suite allows you to dive deep into your data with pre-built reports, charts, and graphs that turn your data into something meaningful. All our analytics are downloadable so that they can be shared and reported on throughout your organisation.
Your recruiters and hiring managers can design and complete internal feedback forms to ensure that all the necessary information is being captured and can therefore be reported on.