Engage, Hire, Grow!

Nextal is a collaborative recruiting platform that helps companies and agencies hire the best candidates faster and smarter. It makes each step in the hiring process simple, intuitive, and effective, resulting in efficient recruiters and satisfied hiring managers.

Nextal is designed to be used by anyone involved in the hiring process. It allows you to engage recruiters, hiring managers, candidates, executives, and interviewers to work collaboratively towards one common goal.

Whether you are a small company, a large company, or a hiring agency, Nextal helps you to track candidates all the way from job posting to hiring. It cuts off the time taken to track, identify and find the quality candidate the hiring managers need

  • 01Applicant Tracking

    Sourcing: Easy to find and source candidates from different sources like LinkedIn and Indeed.
    Communication: send emails and interviews request from the application. Efficient communication centralized in one place.
    Knowledge Management: Keep the entire history of each application in one place

  • 01Smart Matching

    Nextal Solution AI Matching Engine understands candidates as humans with career profiles — not just a string of keywords. It recognizes that a current mid-level programmer is a far better match for a programming job than a current manager with previous programming experience. Why? Because we’ve modeled our engine to think like a recruiter, not a machine.

  • 01Email Synchronisation

    Link your Google, ICloud, Exchange or Outlook calendars so that you can share the exchange you had with a candidate from your email provider. This will allow everyone to take over the day you go on vacation and candidate will still be process in a timely manner

  • 01Texting

    A lot of candidate are not reading email but they will open their text as soon as they popup on their phone. This is why we offer the ability to text your candidate and keep track of those text in the application.