Dont lost track of any email

Synchronize your email with Nextal

No matter where you look, you will be able to see all communication you had with your candidate. You won’t  have to search in your email for any information shared with a candidate for all the information you need  will be in Nextal. Every 5 minutes Nextal will check for any new email exchange with a candidate. Comments, Scheduled Tasks, Files and now Email are all searchable directly in Nextal.

Share the information and lost any candidate

Keep all of the members of your team informed about the email exchange you had with a candidate from sharing all the email you have  with your  colleagues.  You can exchange email directly from your inbox or via Nextal application and all your colleagues will be able to see the discussion. No need anymore to forward your email and if you go on vacation, your team will be able to handle any email from candidate that you were managing.

Enable Candidate

Let’s candidates book their interview with you.

To ease candidate you can now let them book an  interview in your calendar directly. Using the integration with Google Calendar, the candidate will be able to select a time slot where you are available, but only during the period that you want with our detail configuration.

On demand we will be checking your calendar (and your setting)  to allow a candidate to book an interview in your calendar and store this interview in your Google Calendar.

Don’t waste any time

Forget about the long email thread or long conversation to find a slot that suite you an the candidate. The candidate will be able to find directly in  your calendar what fits his schedule and yours.

With automatic reminder candidate will be able to update and even cancel their interview so you don’t waste your time waiting for a call that will never happen.