Why choose us

Hear what real users have to say—and see them interact with your prototype—with live video and audio recordings.

Recruiting top talents is the core of your organization’s success!

Before starting Nextal, we spent two years building a team of 70 talents, starting from scratch. We went through many types of challenges, and after several trials and improvements, we implemented best practices and capabilities that made us great at hiring. The turnover of our team was close to zero, our internal referral rate was above 70%, and the team engagement rate was above 80%.

After this journey, we decided to replicate our success in other organizations. We talked to several executives from different organizations and discovered that recruitment represent one of the main challenges that kept them up at night. Most of them, though, had a clear idea on what they need, but they lacked capabilities and best practices to implement and scale their ideas.

Having a working recipe and a great passion for team building, we decided to launch Nextal and help organizations to be great at hiring.

Our mission: help organizations grow their teams in an efficient way.

Our values: collaboration and transparency are keys to successful team building.

Our vision: recruiting is a competitive advantage.

A Team of Craftwork

Pablo Fernandez


Mickael Dubois


Zhu Liu

Back End Developer