Sourcing candidate with one click

Don’t waste time copying the information of your candidate or your contact from LinkedIn to your application. Use our chrome extension to import them automatically. This tool will copy all the information about a profile to our database. Name, email, phone number, experience, education and skills will be downloaded with one click from major profile display platforms (e.g. LinkedIn, Indeed, Github, Monster, etc.) at the tip of your fingers, providing you with a standardized view of your candidate information.

Don’t waste a minute

By using our Browser extension you will reduce the data entry by more than 90%. Without our tool, your team member will have to copy manually all the information manually from those websites to your application. Our tool will make it in a matter of seconds instead of minutes. Use your energy to do other tasks instead of copying information.

Don’t lose information

Copying data from all these platforms can be long and tedious. It can also introduce mistakes and information may be lost. You can trust our browser extension and our efficient and safe integration. All the information of the profile you are looking at will be saved in an instant and merged with the rest of the profile we already have about your candidate or client.

Don’t lose candidate information

You won’t need to get an account on all those platforms longer than you need to. If you decide to stop your subscription to those platforms you will still be able to get the contact information of all your candidates or contacts. Using our chrome extension all that information will be stored in our databases forever.